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The City of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Department (PPR) currently oversees and operates approximately 160 recreation centers and facilities in the city of Philadelphia. Most of these recreation centers and facilities need repairs and modernization, and on-going maintenance. PPR is working with other departments and partners to make the recreation centers more energy efficient, while providing new programming and activities.

DVGBC has asked Parks & Recreation to identify four sites that meet the following criteria:

•in need of repair/site improvement

•easily accessible via mass-transit

•opportunities for energy efficiency

The challenge this year for the DVGBC Sustainable Design Competition is to re-imagine an existing urban recreation center. Starting with an existing site, teams are asked to use adaptive reuse strategies and analysis to design their vision of what a recreation center can be for the community. Consider emphasizing one of three areas that will be strongly considered during judging:

•Energy efficiency and conservation efforts

•Stormwater management on the site and other sustainable landscaping features

•Community outreach and education programs integrating the site specific connection


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